A Rolex, A story – Don Walsh

Don Walsh

A Rolex, A story

In 1960, US navy lieutenant Don Walsh and Swiss oceanographer Jacques Piccard (Jacques Piccard), aboard on the deep-sea submarine Trieste , dived into the Pacific Mariana Trench (Mariana Trench), and Reached the deepest part of the ocean. An experimental Rolex Oyster Watch, deep sea Special, which is now known as the “Old Lady” was fixed on the exterior of Trieste. This journey not only breaks record of the deep diving, but also lays the foundation milestone for Deep Sea Exploration. To a certain extent, Walsh’s achievements affected all the Rolex watches thereafter.

“How can I be an explorer?” I am often asked by the young man. I will answer: ‘ It’s very simple, you are born an explorer.”

I like young listeners, they often ask me: “How to become an explorer?” “I will answer:” It is very simple, you are born an explorer. You don’t have to climb the highest peak or dive into the deepest part of the ocean. You just need to have a heart that is curious about everything surrounding you. “Sailor has always been the job in my dream since childhood.” At the end of the 1930s, the houses we live have a view of the Bay of San Francisco. I could see the boat moving away from the Golden Gate Bridge and disappearing into the horizon, so I thought to myself, “What is beyond the ocean?” How can we see it and even make it in person? “I think I’m very lucky, because I’ve seen and done this, and I’m still exploring the ocean,”. I have been to the Arctic, and have been to the depths of the ocean, over 65 years, the unknown things in the ocean have always been enjoyable to me.

The underwater world fascinates me, and it seems like a whole new experience. Dive to 100 meters, underwater world instantly becomes dark, but in this darkness, there is a new world, in which all the living things can live peacefully, and I am just a tourist.

The underwater world fascinates me, and it seems like a whole new experience. Dive 100 meters, underwater instant become dark, but in this darkness, and like a new world, the world’s living things can live, and I am just a tourist.

Less than one year after I learned that technology development made it possible to dive into the deepest depths of the ocean , I officially set out to dive. At that time I was serving in the U.S. Navy submarine, during which I heard of the demand for volunteers to drive deep-sea submarines (BATHYSCAPHE) , the so-called deep-sea submarine is a kind of submersible that can dive deeper into the ocean. I volunteered to participate in the project, launching a voyage that was enough to affect my life, I dived to the depth of 11 kilometers, successfully breaking the deep dive record.

What interests me the most about the underwater world is the experience similar to discovering a new planet. 

We have a narrow living environment in the cabin. Jacques Piccard is tall, and my body type is not huge, just fitting the rest space. Cabin temperature is only slightly better than home refrigerators. It was 1960, most of the electronic equipment were emitting heat. The space was small, but we were very busy and focused on our current work. This journey marks a new era of underwater work.

Don Walsh
Don Walsh

During our dive, we had another special passenger, a specially crafted Rolex, which we would call “the Old Lady” to this day. At the time, Rolex did not have facilities in Geneva that can provide a deep sea waterproof functional test, so we have to provide a test platform for this new watch.

Don Walsh
Don Walsh

The watch experienced a nine-hour diving process and has been subjected to full depth pressure. When I returned to the water surface, I was very curious about the state of the watch and it turned out that it still worked as usual. It is as good as our performance and the task went smoothly. I am glad that the tradition of “the Old Lady” can be passed on, and our research results are imprinted on all the Rolex watches through “the Old Lady”. To celebrate the creation of this dive for half a century, Rolex presented to me this Rolex wrist watch, they engraved on the bottom of the watch “Don Walsh, Deep dive record, from 1960 to 2010, congratulations.” “I am very honored to have this watch, and I fondle it admiringly , every day I will wear it.”

I am glad that the tradition of “the Old Lady” can be passed on, and our research results are imprinted on all the Rolex watches through “the Old Lady”

The watch reminds me of my identity and where I’ve been to, bringing me a sense of accomplishment and pride. When I looked at the watch, it reminded me not to indulge in the past. While we attach importance to past experiences and past achievements, we must continue to move forward.

Don Walsh
Don Walsh

Since its birth in 1953, the submariner has conquered every heart that craves the deep Sea World with a perfect performance, and also embodying the remarkableness and brilliance of Rolex in the field of Watch waterproofing. And this watch is not only suitable for underwater exploration, but it is very fashionable for daily wear.

The watch can be automatically winded, assembled with a perpetual pendulum movement certified by Swiss Official Chronometer Testing Institute, (COSC), its waterproof depth reaches to 300 meters (1,000 feet). The movement has a special selection of Rolex patented Parachrom Gossamer, with high strength and resistance to magnetism, even in the harshest underwater environment it can still maintain accuracy, and it is a reliable chronometer for divers. 40-mm watchcase is equipped with a hard corrosion-resistant 904L stainless steel, which is solid and resistant to seawater corrosion, as well as a precision waterproof performance, its one-way rotating outer ring is made of highly abrasion-resistant cerachrom ceramic outer ring, where the black and green surface are paired with the same-color outer ring, the scale on it is filled with platinum. The hands of the watch and the hour marks are coated with chromalight fluorescent substance to provide the wearer with a clear time display even when diving deep into the dark sea.

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